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Around Windermere Farms June - July

Crop rolling the Cereal Rye to turn the winter cover crop into a weed barrier for the subsequent cantaloupe crop.

Our helper and violinist Fiona Black setting out cantaloupe plants in the crop rolled field during a rain. Freida and Fiona have a new CD of their violin and piano duets available. Call or eMail for a copy. It is some of the sweetest music you will ever hear!

Fiona, resting from cultivating the tomato plants.

Fiona grooming the tomato plants with tomato plants clipped to string in the foreground.

Me doing a little weed control. The flag is up for Memorial Day.

A little man made shade for the summer lettuce beds.

The strawberry plants have produced thousands of pounds of berries, however many had to be incorporated into the compost piles due to the excess rainfall this May. I use Aggrand Liquid Fish emulsion for fertilization during the fall and winter while the plants are getting established. You can buy the organic approved fertilizer from www.aggrand.com and use my number (1347717 ) as your sponsor if you like.

The Italian Flat Snap beans are making a climb in the last few minutes of afternoon light.