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TN Vacations Graphic
"Love Memphis blues?
Try these berries!"

Most times I use Memphis and blue in the same conversation, I´m talking music. Or suede shoes. But today, I´m talking berries: organic ones plump as pin cushions, sweet as sunshine and blue as first night-fall – ´til they bleed violet on your hands. . .
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The Commercial Appeal
Memphis, Tennessee
Tomato connoisseurs accept no substitute:
Only delicate, delicious heirlooms will do

Heirloom tomatoes have stood the test of time, their seeds having been lovingly passed from gardener to gardener and from generation to generation, some having been in families for more than 100 years.

What sets these old-fashioned varieties apart from the standard supermarket tomatoes? Flavor, diversity, color and history. Each is unique, often named for the relative who first started passing the seeds down, or perhaps named for the region that popularized it. Many have stories to tell.

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Windermere Offers CSA of a Different Sort
Susan Ellis Wednesday, Mar 10, 2010

Last summer, I was at the farmers market at the Memphis Botanic Garden standing behind a woman picking up her CSA (community supported agriculture) share. When the farmer was scooping up okra, the woman said, very nicely, that she would pass on the okra, that she still had plenty from the previous week's share.    (READ MORE)